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Doing It with Will - Oct. 27.15

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I have this friend named Will. Great guy. I met him after an acting class. We walk and talked for so long that by the end of it, we were simply friends. We made sense to each other. Kindred spirits who realized they were both walking the same path, both Doing It their way, and would be doing so for a long time to come. We became friends, just like that. 

He's a great writer and actor. He always has these awesome ideas for shows, and he follows through. Sometimes they go somewhere, sometimes they stall, but the thing that always happens is they get done. That said, just like me, he stalls sometimes. In his life. Because it's hard to stay focused, stay motivated, and push through the realities of needing stability, of relationships, of where the work is coming from. 

One day we were talking on the phone and he pitched this idea for a podcast. A show where he talks to people Doing It. Doing what we're doing. I laughed and said it'd take off because he has  face for radio (ha, i was kidding!). Two weeks later, this guy made the show! His podcast is now on episode 5 and nothing is going to get in his way. 

Catch Episode 5 here. Then go back and listen to them all. Then put it on your Facebook so that you can make everyone you know tune in. Support the arts! 

Host Will Conlon with his Episode 4 Guest Actress Victoria Kucher (making silly faces)

Host Will Conlon with his Episode 4 Guest Actress Victoria Kucher (making silly faces)

This podcast is for all the creative people who dedicate their lives to their passion. It’s a tough road to walk. It’s easy to get discouraged. The temptation to quit is constant. That’s where this show comes in. It’s meant to inspire you, encourage you and help you overcome those doubts and insecurities and KEEP GOING! I talk with artists about their struggles and triumphs in their chosen profession. They share their stories and advice in an easy going, often funny way. After all if we can’t laugh at ourselves, right?
— Will Conlon