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animals scare me....oct.30.2015

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I just finished watching the first season of ZOO. I usually try to watch TV critically. What's it actually about, what's playable, what's the vision of the director or creator. All that good stuff that as an actor I geek out on. But this show...this show. 

So, I've long had a fear of animals. Nothing crazy. Not like, can't leave my house kinda scared of animals. But generally speaking, I don't trust them. Where other people see cute, I see beasts playing a long game, getting us to love and trust them for some greater plan. Dogs for example. They domesticated us. They made us love them, and feed them, and 'walk them' aka visit their friends so they can plot against us. When I was a kid, I was really scared of dogs. Got chased. Got bit. Simply did not trust them. As I got older, and I started watching the dog whisperer, I realized the the dogs weren't shitty, the owners were. But I still have this really deep fear of dogs. Because if they want to, they can kill me. There is NOTHING stopping them other than the fact that at that moment they want a belly rub

Also, for example, I can't breathe underwater, nor can I swim. Suspiciously, there are many creatures that can do that. I don't know what they're doing under that water, and I saw the Little Mermaid and contrasted that with National Geographic and have to conclude that the Little Mermaid is far more possible and that the NatGeo pics are the animal kingdom posing for us so we don't catch on.



And birds. They fly. Do you fly? What are they doing up there? 

Since moving to BC I've become VERY afraid of the Crows. Not day to day scared (though sometimes...) but rather like, suspicious and distrustful. A MURDER of crows. Wake up people. Not coincidental.
They have facial recognition. They communicate. They remember.
They use tools. They can solve complex puzzles. 
They roost which is a technical term for holding nightly gang meetings. If they were human we would have a big problem. (yes, those are all links)

But my whole life, when I shared this theory, that animals, if they wanted to, could overthrow us I was (and often sill am) met with the arrogance of humanoids. We're the top of the food chain. Blah Blah. We have opposable thumbs. Rah Rah. We have speech, fire, agriculture, writing, tools, and large-scale cooperation. Sure. Whatever. But what's stopping them? Being Animals. Oh the naivety. They'll figure it out. The Crows are their leaders. And they're closer than we think. They're playing the long game. They're setting themselves up to be everywhere. They're wearing us down. We are their 'wounded bird' easy to attack. 

Many of you have tl;dr'd this. (They'll be the first to go in the animal uprising).
(I'll be second because cowering in the corner won't help I suspect.)

ZOO may be a tv show. But so was Star Trek. And most of that came true already. This show is SCARY. Some of you will have to suspend disbelief. Some of you....The rest, watch this show. We are a 2.2 on the Apex scale (out of 5). That's the food chain. Guys, we are NOT in charge here. Say what you want. Animals scare me. 


Some of them are cute, like ELLA here. 

But even Ella....what are you hiding?