Antonio Cayonne | Actor

Because Cinq a Sept reminded me...(2010)

Antonio CayonneComment

i fell for you
but i rose with her
drained the well for you
but wrote prose for her
became friends with you
and feigned foes with her
became closed to you
as i grew close to her
that me knew you
but this one knows her well
i paid my debt to you
but my love it owes her
hell i never
meant to hurt you
and never thought i'd find her
i never thought i'd bind you
by the words i reserved for her
my love is blind for you
but i'm blinded by love for her
i wish i could rewind me and you
to times before her
when your beauty was for me
and my being was for you
and as a muse you amused
the gentle journey of my blues
i've risen past the point of falling
back into despair i'm calling you
to free me for the true love
oath i swore in just for you and i
of you release me also from these pains
and hardships we've endured
i've made this letter out to you but
love i'm writing it
for her