Antonio Cayonne | Actor

Because Cinq a Sept reminded me...mauvais from 2010

Antonio CayonneComment

crawl under your skin
roll onto my side
curl up in a cocoon kept
warm by your breath as
it gathers at the small
of my neck
i'm so small when you're here
when i hear you heart beat
repeat my heart's call
i want to stay curled
to sleep to
dream let my neurons
respond instinctively to your
presence words fall out
of my mouth as fingers fumble to
find your face and trace in the
dark the ark of your lips that i've
kissed and crawled into looking to
be born again
you save me from being
inauthentic you're romantic in
a new school fashion less about
passionate actions than coy
clever turns of phrase tying me
up in your mischievous gaze
that enslaves me
(though you can't take the willing)
teasing my tempermant while you
mis/behave and temperatures
rise as i miss the me that behaves
as you do
competitive oneupmanship makes me
want to pursue the
cap ou pas cap
dangerous game of risk
sleight of hand gamble for an
interesting tryst