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Because Cinq a Sept .... old words for acid

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memories are trapped in time

sometimes i wish you could bottle the memory,
the sound, the taste, its smell, the small of its back,
the tip of its consciousness,
and re-invest in the experience of its own experience
memories are alive even when the memory held isn't
when the memory holder has passed on
we still have time
we have nothing but time
it's the beauty of who we are

sometimes i think i don't remember
and my eyes well up with tears
i can't see it
and i get caught up thinking that seeing the memory is remembering
but my body knows that the passing of time is the memory itself, that
those tears are the memory passing through me
as the memory holder passed through me
and i don't need to remember, or forget
because i'm in it
in relation to it
in time, in my own time

i want to stay trapped
i want to subvert my current system
of learning, of being, of living, of loving
and get an exchange rate on the time i have left
so that i can cash out and live off the wealth i've already
and i am
and my time is earning me interest
through my memories

i remember you
then, though i know you exist in the now
i'm nostalgic about who you were
loving and respecting who you grew to be
but you'll never be that person to me
you're alive to us all
in time, on my time
the way you were
is the way you are
it's just the beauty of
who we are

i love the

i got trapped
in yoursmile