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CRAZY 8s - Nov. 5. 2015

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One day we were sitting around talking about producing our own work. We talked and talked and we still talk but we hadn't leapt. Yesterday I signed us up for a short film festival here in Vancouver.
I pushed us off the cliff.
Stay tuned. 

Check out this great interview at with one of my partners in crime out here...who also by the way just booked a LEAD! Boom. Welcome to Vancouver. 

Courtney Richter was fabulous in her role as Claudette in this week’s Supernatural episode “The Bad Seed.” Best known from her guest roles in Bates Motel and her new short filmHeartbeats, this Northern Ontario small town girl has been busy lately. Get to know Courtney as she shares a little about herself and her experience on the set of the episode Jensen Ackles directed.