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Video Pitch -Nov.8th 2015

Antonio CayonneComment

Yesterday we submitted our video pitch.

We have a solid team. I highlighted Courtney last time, and want to wish her a Happy First Day on Set today! Yesterday though, our team had a different Hero. Because our team is tight!

Mike Koras moved her from Toronto within the last few months, joining us in this west coast push for bigger projects. He's a friend and peer from a while back having trained at many of the same places in Toronto. And his ability to break things down into bite sizes and zero in on what's important and how to get the best out of everything is uncanny. 

Yesterday he directed me through a 5 minute pitch. I though maybe we'd have multiple cuts, but Mike was confident that we could do it in a single take and nail it within the exact timeframe of five minutes. He was right. Thanks to his guidance, his specificity, and his direction I was able to talk for exactly 4mins and 45seconds, get out all the important information and sell the story. 

So, fingers crossed we make it to the next round. But already, this team is winning.