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I woke up early. I've always gotten up early the day of a big flight. My brain is hard wired to build in the time to adjust, to doddle, and to forget at least four things. I've decided to blog as a way to track my journey to Vancouver from Toronto because I think there will be a day, a lone day, where it will be the thing that keeps me sane. Until then, its a fun way to keep in touch and keep you abreast of how things are going. 

I'm moving across the country. I've quit my job, I fired my agent (unrelated but well timed), and I'm packing up to spend half the year (at least) in Vancouver. I'm also a newlywed. My wife is staying in Toronto. This is incredibly difficult, and I'm already certain there will be tears in this blog soon, but it's also incredibly exciting! I'm going to explore Vancouver, as an actor, to see if there is a place for me out there. I want to see how the two industries (Tdot & VanCity) differ, how I exist within this one, where I fit in, what the opportunities are, what the obstacles are, and if a career is more fortuitous on the westcoast for me right now. I'm not interested in hearing about greener grass - instead I'm going to go tend to the lawn myself. 

There are already a ton of perks. I have so many friends out there that I haven't seen in a long time, including one I traveled Europe with - the last time I was away from Toronto for any serious length of time. I'm staying with a great couple of friends (they're my friends, and they're a there a term for that?) for the first week who are actors and who are specifically the reason I decided to make this leap. I'm stoked to be near the home of the Actors Foundry and meet the whole Van community that I always hear about. But more than anything, I'm excited to get out and do the work, playing with scripts, auditioning, hopefully working out great scenes on set, and just being a part of what has always sounded like a vibrant acting community. 

I found a cliff. I looked over the edge. I took a deep breath. 

Time to jump.