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Small Wins All Day - Thurs. Feb 12/15

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Today was a great day. I should have done a video update but I somehow kept myself really busy. I woke up early, with space to think and meditate a bit before starting my day. I had a meeting set up with Matthew from the Actors Foundry today, and I was really looking forward to it. 

I checked out Scout Magazine in the morning because I really want to get a job. Part of creating normal for myself is creating structure. Once I have a day to day routine I'll feel better about being here and surviving. What I found was awesome. The Farmers Apprentice had a job posting. That was one of the places on my list that I was told would be hard to get into, but there it was. So, I sent off a resume. Couldn't hurt. 

My meeting with Matthew went great. He truly is an incredible supporter. And seeing him in his home town is remarkable. He's different here. This is his town, his element. I'm stoked to be here and have him in my corner. He was jazzed by this website and we hit the ground running. He sent me out to the agents, after carefully considering who I may vibe with, and before the hour we heard back from two out of the three. 

I stayed and audited class - further inspiration - and left feeling like I was ready to do heavy lifting. I felt like I had a purpose - like this trip was already pointing me in the right directions. On my walk home I happened to pass by the street that the Farmers Apprentice was on ... So I stopped for dinner. Turns out a dude I knew was working in the kitchen. Andrew who looks like Ryan Gosling came out said Hi, and put in a word. Just like that, I have an interview tomorrow!! 

Structure is on the way!