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Sunday Funday with Katie and Andrew (and Rosie and Maya) - Sun. Feb.15/15

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New favourite spot with old favourite people!! Hung out with Katie and Andrew Jameson today (and their dog Rosie who is huge now, and their brother's dog Maya). Went for a great dog walk way west on West 4th, and caught up with Andrew first. Got to talk restaurants (a beloved past time of mine) and industry and hear about the Vancouver scene from someone whose opinion I respect and admire. The view below doesn't really do it justice, but me and my HTC One are doing our best so just relax! Also, it's 12 degrees and sunny. It's no Koh Tao (where my buddy Will from Farmhouse is at right now) but it's not Toronto either, where my wife said that with the wind chill it's nearly -38! That's insane and I don't miss it. 

We picked up Katie and ventured out to Main near 22nd (where I'll be subletting). Nice area with a lot going on. Looking forward to seeing yet another part of this cool city. Though I am learning some funny Vancouverisms that take some adjusting to...oh, and a sweet potato cost $6. Not okay. Anyways, this place is tucked into a residential area, has dope coffee, and killer flatbreads. It's called Marche St. Georges. That's me and Katie in the pic below! She's a dope photographer whose work can be seen in my Photo Gallery (look for the one where I'm super sexy with the sunglasses), or at her website KATIE CROSS Photography (her branding is ON POINT - check it out!!)

Then we drove some more and there were mountains - so I took a photo...because I have a blog! Love this couple, and so glad to be in their home city with them. 

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