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#GetMoneyMonday - Monday Feb 16th

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Another edition of #getmoneymonday coming at ya!! A day of hustling here in the #YVR, albeit it low key hustling. I took my second agent meeting. I love this town. I love the vibe of the industry so far. I've only met with 2 agencies, and they have both been great experiences. That hasn't always been the case. More than anything, I met two people that I could see myself working with, and have to make a hard choice to decide who is right for me right now. I came here knowing where I'm at, and what I want. Know thyself. That's a big part of this job, and one I take very seriously.  It's a big deal to move across the country to do what you love, and bigger still to leave the person you love back home. It's an even bigger deal to be scouting a new home; to re-consider geography for opportunity and to take two lives into account I want to be thorough, I want to be considerate, and I want to get this right. I've never done this before, and it's proving to be exactly as difficult, as emotional, and as exciting as I expected.  

Agents are your collaborators, your business partners, and your direct pathway to the gatekeeper that is the Casting Director. They matter, a lot. I believe that relationships are the key to this industry, and that you need to build a team that supports you, and that's driving in the same direction you are, at the same speed, and ideally in the same make and model of car. So, in choosing the right person, there's a big list of pro's and con's that are specific to your needs, that must be weighed. I've been weighing them carefully all day. The two people I met with are both easily two people that I wished could rep me. Both have clear strengths, and bring unique hustles to the table. They're very different from each other in approach and personality, but have common goals, and share similar values to me.

Today is decision day.
Those aren't easy,
but I'm armed with the right stuff to make the right choice.
And at the end of the day you need to take that leap. 
I'll sleep on it, and leap in the morning. Sometimes I do my best meditation in slumber. 

That's me kicking it at Principals Talent before the meeting. Friday was Trisko Talent. Both Boutiques - small roster, hands on, working together closely. I like that. 

Adil on the left and Jake on the right. 

After this, I sat and journalled for a good 30 before meeting up with Jake. He had a big one to lay down (audition) and we shot it over at Adil's place, where he runs his own Self Tape sessions. It was great to work on an 11 page audition with 2 pros, both of whom have trained with me in a variety of places, giving us great access to short hand, and the ability to work the scene out to get the very best take possible. I really hope he gets some good news on that one, because the work was killer!!

The rest of the night was pretty low key. For me it was soul searching time, making sure I was doing everything I could to come up with an answer I am comfortable moving ahead with. Then I packed because sadly, I have to leave Jake and Court's place. Moving to a sublet at Main and 22nd tomorrow~ Hope that goes well. 

Last thing, got a call from an old friend, Dax Ravina, an actor and ex-roomie who sent me this gem from his painting series in the 819. He just booked a part on The Expanse! Boom. Things are happening all around.

Loving this time right now. 
Loving it despite being as sad and lonely as I've ever been due to missing the daily contact with my wife and best friend Catherine Murray. Point. Counterpoint. 
Make it matter.