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The Reckoning (Full Circle) - Tues. Feb. 17

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In the end, it was tough, but I chose to go with Jason Ainslie at Principals Talent! It really could have gone either way, but my gut took over and sorted it all out. But it was truly a hard decision. Both places and both guys were awesome. So grateful.

             reck·on·ing       rek(ə)niNG/       noun
1. the action or process of calculating or estimating something.   "last year was not, by any reckoning, a particularly good one"
synonyms:    calculation, estimation, working out
2. a person's view, opinion, or judgment.
"by ancient reckoning, bacteria are plants"
synonyms:    opinion, view, judgment, evaluation

I landed here a week ago today. I blogged about The Reckoning - the feeling that I got listening to Peter Katz's title track from his new album We Are The Reckoning. It was about being this age, here, now, full of hope and belief, and full of the past victories and failures. And it was about change, and the steps that we take to be the change. Today is one of those days.

Today was a day filled with Changes. I packed up and left Courtney and Jakes place. To be honest, that was really sad. I know I'll see them all the time, but it was really something special getting to share their space. They are here for the right reasons, just like me. They are here for one reason. And that objective rings true in everything they do. We are sympatico. I truly felt like a room mate and a friend, and they made me feel like I belonged. If it weren't for them, my first week would not have been nearly as successful as it has been. I was lost that first day or two, and they just allowed me the space for that to be okay without any judgements. They let me stare at the map as long as I need to. I hope we get to pair up again. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity they helped create for me. 

I moved to Main and 22nd and started exploring. I really love this time of my life right now. Exploring new cities does it for me! I can just go where the wind blows. Live each day like it's your first. I'm doing that daily, because it is!! I found a dope sign on a chalkboard that said Taco Tuesdays. I like signs, in life and on boards, so I followed it. I found DOCK LUNCH where they cook up a unique menu daily and post it @docklunch_offmain every day. So indeed, today I had tacos, some soup, and home made ginger beer!

Then I met up with Stephanie Jung in her old hood. She's a Vanco ex-pat who's made Tdot home. She's visiting for Chinese New Year. We went to @33acresbrewing for a flight of local craft brew and some home made ice cream. We'll call it celebratory! To my new agent. Cheers. 

I then quickly shot off to do an interview at Les Faux Bourgeois, a French bistro my cousin hooked me up with. I'll be doing an observation shift there Thursday! 

Then I ended the day in Harrison's Grad class watching Jake and Courtney absolutely slay two very difficult scenes. The whole class did very well, and it was great work to watch - but those two are firing on all cylinders. Because they're here for one reason! Also, today's class had a huge TO contigent (Adil, Ruby Gillett, Kevin Claydon, Mike Koras, Jake, Court, and myself). That's insane. 

Now I have to sleep, so I can wake up and start week 2. Get a workout program under way. Brush up on a lot of restaurant terms and dust off my service brain. And take some new Robert Rainbow pics for Chip Zdarsky!