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The Universe and The Plan - Wed. Feb. 18/15

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8:30am. I woke up today with work on the brain. I have to fill out paper work for my new agent and send it off asap to get the bacll rolling.  I didn't get it done yesterday, which is unlike me, but a confluence of no WiFi, no time, and a bit of joie de vivre took me over and sidelined my hustle ... Even though I got a ton done yesterday. So this morning I got up with a print shop on the brain. I googled one, called with urgency, got the address....and paused. 3716. I think I'm staying at 3708. Here is the view from my window. That's my printshop. This week feels like I'm at the mercy of time, of the universe, and of the plan. Because I'm just waiting for the call now. But I trust in the universe and I trust in the plan. 

If you make a plan, there will always be a plan in place. 

7:30 pm I got Proof of my earlier statement. Theres a plan in place. Make the plan. Work the plan. Execute the plan. Thanks universe. 

Stay hungry. There's a buffet behind you.