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Sunny Day at Kits - Sat. Feb.21/15

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My blogs are coming in late~ I just finished work. I have so many pictures and videos from today, but I didn't have time to get them posted because I had to run to work. Today was crazy nice outside. I finally got to hook up with Shane properly for a workout. SD Training is coming to Van. Shane put Rans, Felicity, and I through a serious session, with Q and M taking it all in. I have a day off tomorrow, so I can catch up on the things I've wanted to share, and post the videos I've taken. For anyone who is reading this, I'm grateful that you're interested in this journey. Even the days I post nothing of relevance. To those of you who have commented, please keep  them coming. They are more impactful than you know~ Love to you all. A true day off tomorrow is much needed. And I gotta find a laundromat!! STAT!