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Focus - Tues. Feb.24/15

Antonio CayonneComment

Today was a tougher one. It took me a long time to set my sights on doing something. I was hedging, and I knew it. I'm in the thick of the waiting game, where you've handed over control to your steering committee and you have to sit back and wait for opportunity. That's a tough place to put yourself, but it's important. I guess it's about what you do with that time. I was slow out of the gate this morning, but when I finally got out of the house I was able to focus on Picasso's Black Canvas. I'm approaching a second edit, and I want to shift it drastically from where it sits right now, which is Verbatim based on research from the 3MV program, to a blended piece flowing between verbatim and spoken word (both found and originally written). I've had ideas for a while as to how it might work, but I hadn't sat down to see what's possible. It felt good to go through the first section and see that the things I've been thinking about might work. I'm so lucky to be in a bubble right now with time to create, time that I've already set aside to focus on craft. I'm in a good frame of mind to tackle this edit, and I'm so lucky to have the space to do it. And it will in turn make the waiting game into something else completely, which has it's own value. 

A few more key strokes and I'm off to work early for a staff meeting :( 
At least I have a job!! Grateful for that.