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Keeps happening - Thurs. Feb. 26/15

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So I've been working at the Farmer's Apprentice. Great spot. It's nice being in a restaurant - strangely. See, I'm new here, and I don't know anyone. So if I'm not there, I'm not really talking to anyone. Well, that's not totally true. I know people, I just do have a daily pattern of people I see or talk to in Vancouver. So the restaurant lets me meet people. I've met a couple of restaurant folk, both who insisted I sample their very expensive and delicious wine. I've met many other awesome people. The restaurant gives me an excuse to talk about myself - that sounds narcissistic. But truly, I'm the new guy, and I talk about my life as being in transition, so a big part of that is My wife is in Toronto, My social structure is in Toronto, and most of my current references are in Toronto. I am here. So the question of course is why, and I tell them. The support that I receive is amazing. Everyone is rooting for me. It honestly feels like, EVERYONE is rooting for me. I know, I know, what are they going to say - hey loser, you're gonna fail?! But still, I appreciate the support. One guy came back into the restaurant to shake my hand and wish me luck tonight. That was really thoughtful. I like that I keep meeting people, I keep collecting business cards. It feels like a way in, even if nothing comes of it. 

Tonight though, I met Devon Baldwin and Christoph Andersson. They said they were in town from the States and wanted our wifi password. When we got to talking a bit I found out they were playing a show near me. I have tomorrow off, and no social life, so I said I'd go see them play! Awesome. They put me on the guest list. I'm pretty stoked. I just listened to some of her stuff. She is really good. Thank GOD! 

Check out her website Devon Baldwin

Devon Baldwin made it into the top 54 contestants on FOX's "American Idol 8." She auditioned in San Franciso, California. The judges voted to put Devon Baldwin through to Hollywood. 

Check out Christoph's website

Christoph’s tight, funk influenced bass lines are instantly catchy, in part a nod to New Orleans legends like The Meters, whose hit “Fire On the Bayou” Christoph reworked into an up-tempo secret weapon for southern dance floors. His melodies are the stuff of pop lore. Apparently these two are gonna blow up! Says the Internet...anyways, I'll be checking them out tomorrow~

Tomorrow morning: back to the grind. Goodnight.