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On call

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Doctors are on call. Artists put in that work. LOL

That's how it feels sometimes. Not taking anything away from doctors. I'm just playing, because they are the real deal. Them and teachers. 

But we are always on call too, with less certainty. I was on the roller coaster today. Had a great audition. Got great vibes in the room. Had a great chat with my agent. Got great feedback. Had a great talk with Jake. Met up with my boy Marc Senior, who's a T.O transplant absolutely killing it out here. Got inspired and was excited to enjoy the city. Had a night planned to go check out that band, and go for a drink with my buddy at his hotel. A plan to learn to like Vancouver. Then I got a brilliant audition late, which is the thing apparently, and my night changed.

I almost went to the show, went out for a drink, went out to chill. Because, I knew I had time. But I'm not here to like Vancouver, I'm here to put in that work; to challenge my destiny; to challenge this universe. And I needed a priority check, and a dose of perspective. I needed a shepard. 

Then I pulled this out of the encouragement jar. Grateful.

Then I pulled this out of the encouragement jar. Grateful.

I got what I was looking for from my Love, my Lisife, and my night settled. Put in that work, and the universe sends support. Court. Jake. Ese. Franke. Adil. Support shows up in all different ways. I got everything I needed out of a Friday night. I got a dose of love, a dash of social, and a healthy helping of what I came here for.