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This Saturday makes this make Sense - Sat. Feb, 28/15

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I can't post the view from where I am. It won't translate.
I can't post the vibe, or the smiles, or the sense of ease.
I don't even want to, because I know my homies in Toronto are suffering and that sucks. 

But I will say this, even though it's nice out, and even though there are mountains, and even though there is so much to do - I'm happiest in front of this work. Getting to vibe with Adil on analysis is as good as the sun. Getting to run lines with Ese is as good as that mountain. Getting in that work, before gong to the restaurant, really gives me a sense of purpose. It's everything that flashed through my head as we lifted off and I cried a bit. It's trusting that the Universe puts things in play when and how they should be introduced. No sooner, no later. 

'Trusting yourself means living out what you already know.' That come out of the encouragement jar this morning. And today has been about trust, about acknowledging the gremlins without judging them, and about persevering not in spite of distractions but alongside them. 

Marc said something that resonated yesterday. It was something to the effect of not letting the things that go 'wrong' be wrong, just let them be, and figure out what they are - because they are a part of you in that moment, so they're true. Instead of being thrown, be further invested. It was perhaps more articulate when he said it, but it's stuck somewhere in here, bouncing around, and is banging off something making a loud clanging noise. And it's music to my ears today.

We are our own worst enemies.
That means that the counterpoint is that we are our own best friends. 
So I keep my friends close, and my enemies closer, to make sure I'm always at my best.