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Baby Crazy, New do, and tears before noon.. - Fri. Mar. 13/15

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I went for lunch today with my friend Melissa, who I've known since elementary school! I got to hang with her two little ones. Cute. Overload. Seriously. Kids are amazing. Especially when it's just a visit. :) 


No really though, they are so honest. They can't lie that early. They just react to all their instincts truthfully. They solve complex emotional problems in milliseconds. They express volumes on their babble. They figure you out fast! We made friends quick, me and those tots. Can't wait to play again. 


After that, I got a new do at my cousins salon. I've been to multiple barbers who all made a mess of my head. Meagan, on the other hand, just made it amazing, as if it was the easiest thing ever. She glanced at a few headshots and went to work. Best haircut I've had as an adult. Seriously. 

I'm also loving the word seriously today. Seriously though. I am. 

My day began with a second call to a casting director who I had a really good experience with last week. This time the role was a bit more emotional at its core. I connected to the work well and was thrilled to get to play that with a reader. 

Auditioning really feels like a different skill. Like a different thing. It's exciting, and challenging, and at times bewildering. But ultimately, I like it, even when I'm unsure of what I think it is.

This particular one ended in tears - the good kind. As part of the scene. Nice to get a good cry out of the way before lunch.