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don't go back to madrid - Wed. Mar. 18/15

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Had a lovely conversation with morning with one of my best friends. Then I needed to write this. So I did. Maybe this is a new type of entry for me. Poetry. Expect more, as there are some old ones that haven't seen the light of day that are pretty loud right now. 

don't go back to madrid

i've been there
I haven't been there
but we've all been 'there'
that 'place' 
- that person, that time -
that to visit was magical
geographically, emotionally, psychologically

the madrid that we made into the fantasy
the madrid where nothing was imperfect
where the rain was only today's rain, 
but an abnormality because madrid has no downfalls
and no downpours, 
we get don't get down in madrid
because there is a sort of 
in our minds eye

and then we came home from madrid
and we remembered the world we live in
our real lives
and sometimes we fall back in love
right away 
with the daily grind, the hustle, the structure
and sometimes we mourn madrid
and reminisce
for weeks, with time passing in between references,
the references being more about the feeling and the memory
than the reality of having been there

and time passes
and as time passes
madrid starts being real
beacause it rained that one time
because it was hard that one day
because it was too something, and too somewhere

but then time passes
and as time passes
the here starts being 'real'
beacause it rains
because it is hard
because it's always too something

and we remember madrid
and we want to go back
or get away 
from here, from now
from yourself
and go back to madrid

because romance is romantic 

and maybe you'll be swept off your feet
like you were that first day
when the flamenco dancer made you feel
like you were the chosen one

oh, madrid

and you download the music
and you wear bright colors
and you book a ticket

and you go back to madrid
and it's beautiful
because it's beautiful

but it still rains
and it's still hard
and it's still too something, and too something else
and ...

it's you
so come home
(though you are always home)

because you've been to madrid
it worked, and it didn't, and it was wonderful
and it's done now
don't go back to madrid

you can go to oslo
you've never been to oslo
and who knows
maybe you'll stay
because all the things it's too much of
will make you want to work
to make the 'too's' work
for you

there won't be less of the 'too somethings'
they'll just be enough of something
for you to make it want to work for you

like the porridge that's juuuust right

don't go back to madrid
you've been there before

oh, and
you know...

this was never