Antonio Cayonne | Actor

Wealthy YVR - Sat. Mar. 20/15

Antonio CayonneComment

I just found out that 20% of the condos in a specific area are unlived in.  They are owned by people who do not live here, bought as gifts for their legacy. Somehow that is so crazy to me, but also, impressive. I wasn't brought up planning way in advance. It's not second nature to me. I have yo work to think down the road. I've gotten better at it as I've grown up, of course, but to think of my legacy, the future of our bloodline, and how they'll survive...where they'll survive. That's amazing to me. And even though I hate that it a happening because it drives a market up artificially and makes the city unaffordable, I appreciate that it reinforces for me, or teaches me, that I have to plan, far ahead. Or get left behind.