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Test Pressing & Laundry - Mon. Mar. 23/15

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Been getting the day to day stuff done today. Cleaning. Cooking. Budget. Just reinforcing the structure to help manifest some goodness. Had a great back and forth with Fast Track about how to surrender, and how to deal with the bad feelings during times of self-doubt. We all go through it. Then I started thinking about my friend Peter's post recently about the reward of getting to play his album for everyone on his tour - the gift of giving. It's easy to get inverted about auditions, and start asking questions about ourselves. The challenge, and the beauty, is to surrender to the thing, and give it to someone else to hold, to enjoy, to relish. The meltdown's will happen, but fighting to remember what we're actually doing it all for, what the action is, that's what's important. Easier said than done. 

I snagged one of the Test Pressings of Peter's new album, because I believe this album speaks to me right now, and because I believe that it will bring many good things to someone who greatly deserves it. If you haven't heard his stuff yet, EXCLAIM is streaming his album as a sneak peak HERE.