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Women - Sun.Mar.8/15

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Today is international women's day. I celebrate women everyday. But today, I acknowledge that around the world there are places that a day in a calendar is a big step. I hope to see that day that this marked on a calendar seems silly, because we don't make a distinction. Women. I'm an ally. 

Today I think of my Mother, of my wife, of the many women in my life, in family, in my path who have shaped me. Literally shaped who I am. Continue to shape. My nieces, my sisters, my aunts, my leaders, mothers of friends...And I'm grateful for them all, especially to my mother who managed to shape me in spite of a complimentary strong male role model, while juggling a world of adversity, and working against the obstacle that is me. Grateful.  

I think if the women I have met in film making huge strides effortlessly (so it appears) like Farah Mehrani and Lauren Mackinlay. I think of thee many actresses I get to collaborate with like Ann Pirvu, like Becky Shrimpton, like Hannah Anderson, like Courtney Richter. And so many more. Women I look up to and respect. 

I think of the many women I can't list because I only have 30 mins - the Marinda's, the Northan's, The Emberly's....I am thankful to have you all as role models and teachers in various ways.  

And Catherine. Who I celebrate daily, because she is everything to me.

Happy International Womens Day. Now go watch Patricia Arquette's Oscar speech and let's make some changes. Lead the way. 

There's that word again. Changes.