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the new guy - Saturday April 11th 2015

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I started at another new restaurant. This isn't news, except for me, it is. I tend to stay put in one place, for a long time. This is the first time in a while that I have 2 jobs. It's fucking hard. Not because having two jobs is hard,  but because I'm 'new' at both places. People think I'm the rookie or something. Rookie. HA. But I deserve this for the way I've treated numerous new people throughout the years. This isn't an apology - I loved it. Every second.

'Shawn: Toh, I'm done my section, can I go?

Me: Shawn, pick a number between 1-10

Shawn: 7

Me: I bet I can find 7 things wrong with your close. Get back to work. HA

New guy-ness. Pah. It's all worth it.