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Tuesday April 14th 2015

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I'm having one of those days where I keep scratching my head and saying 'where am I'.
These days happen, both ways.  Sometimes it's about the sun, and the HD mountain view. Sometimes it's about the buses (often about the buses).
Sometimes it's bars closing at midnight (when you really just want a drink).
Sometimes it's super cool bars near home that are open late (read, past 1045).
Good 'where am i's' and Bad 'where am i's'.
That's Vancouver to me so far.
Today, a bit of both. 

I woke up VERY late. Not sure why, but apparently I needed a lot of sleep. The sun is out, the wind is around, and it's gorgeous out. Where am I? I'm wearing shorts .You're supposed to take advantage of these days here. I did, for a minute. Used my new bike that cousin lent me. The bike is SICK!  Got some pedals put on it, and biked it around the city. It was glorious! WHAT? Where AM I? Really, truly. I felt free. So I biked to the bank.

Even on good days, banks are still banks.
So, take that for what it is. 

These days, I want to get back in shape. I'm fighting the resistance. I'm turning the volume down on the voices in my head. I want to use the gym, eat right, and set goals that are going to get met. So I went to the closest gym.

$50 for a key fob, $25 to activate your membership (ie. doing their job), and $65 a month. WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS? Seriously. That's expensive. So I said 'I'll think about it' which really meant, I'll think about if the amount of angry I will be for doing this will be able to be used up each time I work out, or if I will have residual anger pent up post each workout at your pricey bougey gym. I'll do the math and let you know. 

So I went home and got to researching. I went home, bummed. Because it's a bummer. Being bummed on beautiful days, is a bummer. Where am I? I texted my buddy, who agreed it sounded expensive. My buddy said he goes to a budget gym. For the record, that's the Steve Nash Fitness Center. Budget? So I called them. I'm here for 3 months, I'm looking for a short term flexible pass. They strongly discourage short term contracts. They only want BC residents. He said that. But they could accommodate me.

$283.49 for 3 months...that's about $94 a month. Yup. Thanks for accommodating me! The extra $50 dollars a month for 'not from BC' people must be to wash our stink of the machines? 

The community center will do.

It's not cheap either. Just to put this in perspective, it's just less than $50. For less than $50 you can get weight rooms access to all third tier TO fitness centers (community centers) for 3 months.