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The internet ate my blog - Thurs.April 16th 2015

Antonio CayonneComment

I had written a nice post. I took time, to write it. I even saved it. And when I went to upload it from my tablet, it disappeared. I'm not too tech saavy but it's actually gone. 

The post was about feeling good. I won't re-create it. But the nugget of it was that I did me in spite of it being a beautiful day and was happy. I was hyper productive and got my results and that's what dirves me. And I need to remember that and apply it forward. 

Here in Van it seems like a nice day implies drop everything and enjoy the weather. I like the sun and all that, but dropping everything and soaking it in doesn't actually fulfil me. Or at least, hasn't. 

However, organizing my receipts, portioning meals for my meal plan, learning the workouts that are ahead of me, cleaning my room...those, those bring me joy. I like straight lines. I just like them fluidly drawn. 

Applying that forward, I have to keep my goals and my happiness on the carrot out front of my horse, and run the race. I like the running the race. It's when I start to chat in the stable that I get restless, and wreckless, and break things. 

Run the race.