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we the north. we the fourth. what? the fifth? - saturday april 18.15

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So. We lost. Those of you who know me, know I'm a big Raptors fan. I stand alongside many T Dot kids who grew up worshipping my team. I bleed for these guys. I grow with them. I stand up for them. And I get up at 9 am to watch them on the west coast. 

We lost. That's a bummer. But here's the thing. There's a lesson in it. It has nothing to do with basketball really, though if they had already known this lesson they'd have fucking won. 

The Fifth. It's not over until the fat lady sings. This year Swaggy P took a shot (sorry, nick young, a basketball player) took a shot and turned, arms raised, fingers in some weird position signalling his greatness as a shooter. As he walked back down court, ready to give his victory speech, something hilarious happened. 

The shot missed. Like a sitcom or something. It rimmed out. (that's a real term).

Today the Raptors played a valiant first quarter. Then they sucked the bag deep for 2 quarters while their coach basically sailed away on a yacht made for one, far, far away from the playoffs. But come the fourth quarter, the boys realized they couldn't go out like that, and they fought back. Dramatically. Emphatically. Almost passionately. Almost Matt Brown - I said almost. And they tied it up. They got back in it. Their card, got punched. 


No one ever plans for overtime. No one plans for the fifth quarter. No on thinks about the fifth element. But it's for real. The game is never won. You play, or you die. Didn't they see Saw?

But seriously, that's the lesson. The game is never won. 

You wear your heart, your effort, your imagination, your creativity, your craftiness, your love, you fears, your dreams, your sweat and your snot on your sleeve every second of the day. Because you may be in the fifth. 

And if you have time to swag it out, a la Swaggy P or in this case (though I dug it) a la Greivis, then likely, you already lost. Stay focused, don't stop. 

There it is again.