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Happy Birthday Catherine!!! - April 29th 2015

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Then, during one of the songs, I told her there was a knock at the door. That scared her, she thought people were going to show up. I did one better. Mike Kanakis, my best friend and best man, had been sitting outside. He left a small care package on the doorstep. 

Balloons, flowers, and Hagen Daas. 

Basically the perfect gift. 


It's international dance day, which is fitting because it's wife's birthday and she's my favorite dancer and choreographer and person!! I'm not there with her, sadly, but that ain't gonna stop us from having a dance partay! 

We have the best friends in the world. It's in the Guiness Book of World Records, so no point in disputing that. I had this hare brained idea that I could create a
Social Media Flash Mob Dance Party. It was so ridiculous that it had to work. I rallied the troops, which wasn't hard. For Catherine, EVERYONE was on board right away. The task, send me a clip of you dancing to a song. My plan was to make a dance party for her and I through a youtube mixtape. We'd rock it out in the morning, and I'd pretend that that was the whole surprise. 

That's where the magic came in. I got all our friends to text her between 901 and 910am, but no Happy Birthday messages. Just things you'd say at her party. And not just one person, but everyone who was at 'her party'. It was epic to hear them all roll in. She was laughing so hard!! And she was so confused and to why they were saying those things, which was obviously the goal. 

I tried to film her reaction, but something went wrong. A few things went wrong, including Bruno Mars not wanting to appear in the video and not letting me know in time. I also toggled something, and instead of filming her reaction to watching the videos  - which was beautiful, pure, priceless - I ended up taping ME watching her instead. Ugh. Less beautiful. 

For those of you who weren't at the party, here it is in all it's hilarity, proving that we have simply the best friends in the world. Happy Birthday Babe! I love you. 

For those of you curious about what the first half of the day looked like, here it is, in all it's ridiculousness, and at the end, you'll find the full dance party again which is the same video as above. Hopefully it'll play - may have a million copyright infringements.