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First Day on Set in YVR - Thursday May 14th 2015

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This is it. 

Today, I got to do what I came here to do, and the feeling is like nothing I've felt since I've been here. I've been on set before. I've worked before. It's not that. 

It's about you belong. Justified in leaping. Believing that you are worth something. I feel worthy. I feel like I'm living my life out loud in this moment. I could cry. I may have cried. I didn't, I didn't. But I'm saying, it feels good to be a professional. 

I was on set today for a new Pilot. I didn't take pictures this time. Not because I didn't want to be a fan boy or anything, and not because I was being humble. I just, didn't need to take pictures because today was real life. I don't snap shots of me doing work at the restaurant to remind myself that that's what I do. I was on set, because I'm an actor, and that's where I belong. 

Okay, I took one picture. But it was only because my hair was on point. 

me on set Ties That Bind.jpg

 I hope I get to work with this guy again. He's a pleasure, a force, and I wish him the best. 

I met an actor. The lead, or one of the leads. That was my day. It made my day. He's from Montreal, grew in Van but lived in Stratford for the past ten years doing Theatre. Has a sick resume of Shakespeare. Dude is on point. My man! We have a ton of mutual friends, and I should have crossed paths with this cat sooner.
His name is Dion Johnstone and he's had a great career at Stratford and Chicago Shakespeare Co playing brilliant roles, and working non stop. He played Aaron in Titus. That's my dream role on stage.

We got to talk a bit, nothing crazy, but I did manage to ask how he was handling the transition from leads on stage to leads on the screen. He gave it some pause and thought about it, and gave me an answer that I do hope shapes the way I walk onto sets, and into auditions. Because it made a lot of sense to me.