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Friday May 15th 2015

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This is more about Thursday. 

I had a great day. Not just being on set,  but being in Vancouver with a purpose. Here's the thing. The city is still weird to me, but I'm weird in it. I'm learning how it works, and trying to catch the flow. When I meet Toronto-ites, they say the same things. So it's not just me. 

Yesterday I finished shooting in Langley (which is really far) and took the bus back. It was painless. I met up with Cassandra and grabbed Pho, and then biked to the place she was house sitting. It was far west. Like, far. A part of Van I had never seen. Beautiful houses. Big, old, beautiful houses. I want to live THERE! 

Then I biked off on my own as she went to work. I found a tiny beach and sat. Just sat. I was alone. That's the thing here, being alone. Or in two's. But that's it, just small pods of self-sufficiency. So I say, being very Vancouver. Alone with my thoughts. For an hour. 

This little piece of beach is beautiful. I don't know where I was, but it was bliss. Truly bliss. 

I could sit and stare out at this all day and need nothing else. I wish I lived a 2 minute walk from it. 

From there I kept biking east, with my eye on the prize of a beer at Brassneck. I passed a few more beach fronts and stopped at each one. Usually just to sit, to look around, to people watch, to observe the parties of one. Then I stumbled across this gang of Slackliners. I didn't ask to join, but I did sit and watch for way to long. 

Then I kept back on my journey. I ended up finding a few soccer games, and asked to join one. Fun! At the end of the game, I thought maybe we'd chat. But nope. Activity done, gotta go. They all left. Vancouver man. 

Then I played some pick up basketball. Same thing. Ton of fun. Then...Byeeee.

HAHA. A city of ones. 

My hometown people were in YVR for the week, so I got to meet up with them at The Alibi Room where my friends wife is the MGR and my Elizabeth friend bartends. That was a great night. A lot of fun, and a solid catch up. Also, the other bartender was a hometown friend of my boy Jamie Spilchuk. Small world!

I got a pic but had to get artsy on it with some new Instagram apps.