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That's fam. - $unday May 17th 2015

Antonio CayonneComment

My sister gets me. 
We aren't twins, but we have a similar affliction.
A similar disposition, even if not outwardly so. She can hear my voice in text form - email or text. I know hers.
I know it when I read it
posted remotely - when she's not addressing it
to me.
My sister gets my highs, and my lows. My crys and my woes. 
I'm selfish with my highs,
and I ride them into the ground, and I share them with anyone
lucky enough to be around.  She's seen both,
and she does it too. She's gets it, intrinsically, biologically,
and perhaps experiences me on a deeper level than me.
We're not twins,
but we're kin,
she's my father's names sake, 
and it just makes sense that she's me and I'm her and we're him and we're them.
We're from a small pond and nothing separates that bond.
My sister gets me, even when I don't get why I am the way I am,
because the statements I make are questions she's asked,
and in every moment of my confusion, contempt, and delusion,
she has a reply that she's told her self a million times.
One she's had to say, if only to hear.
I'm grateful for an insider, someone who's in my head all the time,
who doesn't get how I can be where I'm at, but gets where I'm at because she has an appt. at the same address.
My sister gets me,
and it helps me get through the day in a way
that nothing else really can.