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Settlers of VanDotCity - Mon. May the 4th (be with you..womp womp waaank) 2015

Antonio CayonneComment

I get to come here a lot these days. It's the scene of my first reality check. Its the scene of my first booking. I came early today to sit and be grateful. Seriously. I know how to bike here now. Without GPS. I recognize when I'm lost sometimes. I can project how long things will take. I don't feel 'at home' but I feel pretty settled. I'm tired all the time, and I'm not sure what that is, but I feel alright. Good days and bad days are just, days, when you feel settled. They don't make me hunt for a home here or for flights home. Because its just another day, and whatever it is, high or low, will pass. And not all days on long journeys are pleasant, but they all matter. They are all...enjoyable? Maybe not in the conventional sense, but I mean to say, they are worth something. You get to live them out, experience them, learn from them. For betyer or worse. Yhats probaboy why they say that when you get married. :)

Gifts you didn't want, and didn't ask for, are still gifts. 

I came here because I wanted to see if the grass was greener. Knowing full well, that it ultimately depends on how you tend to the grass. That said, I like the grass here. Its the right length for me, its a varietal that doesn't give me allergies (so to speak), and with the lawn care expertise I brought with me, I have no doubt that it can be greener than I ever imagined. 

So I sit here, now post-audition, feeling grateful.

Now here's a picture of my bike.