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Positive Procrastination? - Thursday May 7th, 2015

Antonio CayonneComment

Is it possible to plan to do something, and do something else, and have it work out? I was supposed to go to the gym. Woke up at 7. SEVEN! Actually got up. Was ready to go. But didn't. Obviously. Got on the phone and talked to my wife. Glory. Much needed. Kept me from what I was doing though. For the better of course. Then ate. Then? WENT BACK TO SLEEP! Why?

I don't even know. To avoid the thing I want. Because I'm broken. When I finally admitted that I was going down a bad path, I got up, resolved to go to the gym. 

And sat there. Fuck. 

I packed my back with all my writing implements, went to the coffee shop that I hate, and decided to 'punish myself' for not going to the gym, by getting 6 pages of my script written. 

So, apparently, tomorrow I have to plan to WRITE so that I'll end up at the gym. 

That's how that works, right?