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Date Night - Friday June 12, 2015

Antonio CayonneComment

And just like that, I feel like I can slip into my life.
And i love it.

Woke up in my bed.
With my wife.
That's all I need. 

I went to the Naturopath today. I grew up with a Naturopathic MD. I didn't use conventional medicine a lot. We used herbs, and nutrition, and relied on non-western solutions before loading up on drugs.
The way I've been feeling lately, it was time to get back to basics. After a long talk we made a plan. One that already has me optimistic.
Bring on the tinctures and get back to the structures that you love and bring wellness. 



Saw my cousin - the one who draws Sex Criminals - for a bit of Robert Rainbow action. More than that though, its nice to just talk to someone in a created be field about their work, their politics, and their struggle versus the hustle. He's a great dude. 

Met with a best friend and talked babies for a few hours while enjoying a TO summer downpour. I got soaked. And I was HAPPY. I must be really homesick. 

Then, after a quick nap, we grabbed Sushi and went to see Mad Max.