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Today was full of SOUL - June 13, 2015

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Today my 4th niece was born at 9:27am. Sloane Olivia Unity Leblanc. Her parents, Juanita and Joey, could not be happier. They are so in love. I'm so happy and so lucky that I was home for this moment, to share part of this day with them. They didn't know I was coming. Neither did my mother.
Surprises are fun.
I got to the hospital around 1pm, thinking I could sneak in and say hi to the whole bunch.
When I got there, of course, Juanita was sound asleep. Deservedly so. I don't doubt that birthing is tiring! So I got to meet Sloane with her Dad, Joey, who was silently doting over her as I expect he will for the rest of his life. He is just so in love with her. My sister woke up in a hilarious fashion, with a classic snortle chortle combo, exclaiming she was dreaming that she'd been hearing my voice, only to find me there holding her daughter. HI! 
That was fun.
I can't wait to see who little Sloane becomes, how she grows, who she looks like, what her laugh sounds like since I already know her cry (she only cried a bit, but not with me because I'm a baby whisperer).
This whole baby thing,
I'm all in. 
I thought that my mother would be there when I arrived and I could get all the surprises out of the way in one shot, but she made it difficult. So Juanita and I arranged for her to come back. When she did, she didn't even notice me for like a good 3 minutes.
Hilarious! I taped it. It's linked below. *full disclosure, not ACTUALLY hilarious, but funny to us* 
Another great bonus of the day was getting to go with my Mother to see Isabella, my other niece, and Sloane's proud Big Sister, perform as a pirate in a small performance of Peter Pan. 
We picked up the rest of the fam - Taryn and Tamera, my eldest nieces - and went back to the hospital one more time to share love with the happy parents and take a bazillion pictures.
I'm so overwhelmed with what Sloane's life will be, so surrounded by love, with the proudest most in love best new father and with a mother who will be her everything and a big sister who loves her to bits and pieces and will teach her WAY TOO MUCH, it's simply going to be the Sloane show for a long long time, and I just love that. Okay. 


A ramdom shot of transit in TO because I've missed being convenienced 


Shoot, I just took this one because I was looking good.