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Monday June 15 2015

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Go to talk to one of the most important members of my team today - my therapist. I used to hate therapists. I had had bad experiences with them. But this one changed everything. He helps me put things in perspective. He listens. I can talk all I want, and I love to talk. But also, being there forces me to deeply address what's happening, and confronts me with someone who can ask directed questions. He hears things I don't even know I'm revealing sometimes. I've missed him out here. I'll have to find someone else to talk to. I truly think this is something for everyone, as a former convert. 

Then I did breakfast with my girl Hannah on the fast track Anderson. Love her to bits an pieces. Wise beyond her years, smart, funny, I could laugh with her all day, empathetic, driven, I can't say enough good things about her. I love being weird with her, and just letting ourselves go. 

After that, I found my over to Mark for Lunch. I need to stop organizing meetings over food - too much food! So fat! So happy. Mark is another one of my close friends. A story editor, producer, writer, soccer ball header extraordinaire whom I count among close friends that get what I do. It was great to catch up with him and hear tales of how his son is growing up, talk raptors, get and send love to his wife, and enjoy each others company. Great guy. 

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Next food date: Jamie Spilchuk. We go way back. So much to love about this guy. I appreciate many things about him. Lately, he's been a great translator for this experience as he's mastered the LA version of leaving home in pursuit of other opportunities. He opted for coffee and a bench near the Humber. Again, someone I could sit with into the wee hours when coffee becomes beer and beer becomes scotch and words become sounds become silence. I count my friends among my greatest blessings in life, and many I have to count twice.