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Ol' Stomping Ground - Sunday June 14 2015

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Got to meet up with one of my favs this morning over brunch. We met at The Farmhouse Tavern for brunch. I wish I could say it was full of familiar faces. But that wasn't the case. Almost all the faces were new to the scene for me. The place was still hopping. Darcy was still holding it down. Marty was pumping out some high quality goods. So it was solid as a rock. And I got to quench my Ontario wine needs. At noon. Don't judge. 

Ann and I got to catch up, talk industry, dreams, woes, and more. It was so good to be beside someone who's going through it with me. In her own ways. We all have our hardships. I think that how we choose to deal with them is what both says most about character and helps to reshape it. When all is said and done, this time in our lives may be the most 'course correcting'. 30s. I hope I can look back one day and see better what my twenties were and even what my thirties were. For now, being in them, they are a time of risks, trials, and growth. I'm sure I'll be more specific one day, but for now, that's how I see these days. For myself. For my friends. And however it all plays out, I hope (and believe) we will be better for it. 

Darcy and I had a good time, if not too short a time catching up. Again, he's someone I met and got along with very well. Who knows who we'll be down the road, but I've appreciated watching him grow two businesses, and manage the rollercoaster. I've learned a lot from him and through him. So catching up, brief as it is, is often inspiring. 

Back at the ranch I got to see THIS CUTIE!


This is our God Daughter Ofei, and she is the best. So smart. Sweet. Articulate. Funny. And so cute. She came to visit us with her parents in tow, who we also love very much - Nanaba and Ian. A family we could travel with. That says a lot. What I love the most are the conversations we have. The quality of conversation. We really get to get at it. And I love that. 

After a brief rest, we took ourselves out on the town. We had a few destinations in our crosshairs but in the end only managed 2. The city had other plans. 

We hit Bar Raval first. Epic. My buddy opened the place with two pals. It's a hit. Beyond being busy, this place is an instant institution. Beautifully crafted.  Carefully run. Expertly staffed. Such a great experience. And of course, we were lucky to share with with friends. We ran into the newly engaged Jeananne Goossen (star of The Night Shift) with her beau, Robert. Great guy from one hang out. I hadnt seen her in at least a year and half as she's been back and forth between TO, LA, and Alberquerque. But as luck had it she happened to be in town for the week, and our paths crossed. AwesomeSauce. Then we were met by Heather Jankowski, Hamish Birt, and Christy Stoeten. Solid crew. Erica finished us off with some Cynar from the house (grazie) and were in our way.  

College was party city! So cool, so transformed. I wanted to go everywhere. There really is no equivalent for the busy streets of TO in YVR.  I have to accept that. We made it to our second destination, narrowly avoiding going in several places. Track&Field. So damn cool. An underground bar with Bocce and Shuffleboard. My inner old man mwt my current coolness and exploded. I love that place. And of course we got another drop by. Lana and Tyler. Power pretty couple and all around great people. We drank Negronis on tap, threw some balls, and caught up while talking domination...or at least, ambition. 

And that took us to Last Vancouver, but really it was midnight. However, Cath was coming down with a cough, so we called it a night. And what a night. 


The bar at Raval

The bar at Raval

Cath and Heather   

Cath and Heather