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car free care free wknd - sat20/sun21

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My day started off with a coffee at the busiest place ever.. Also the scene of my last favorite coffee shop but the closest game in town: matchstick. But this time or was not their fault. It was busy because it was gathered day. A day i always forget for obvious reasons. 

Since coming back to Vancouver, I made the deal with myself and with Rainer Maria Rilke to enjoy solitude. Pay no attention to the interest of the week to make friends. Stay away from the need for community engagement. Instead, spend more time with yourself. You like that, and here there is little choice. So embrace it. That I did. At Jethro for breakfast, alone, on a busy father's day. I h sat at one PhD the shared table and got to work writing, taking notes for my script. As it often goes, when I want looking for anything I met the coolest people. Enter into the blog Allie Daniel and Noah who are my me friends. Bonded over brunch and talks of porn, sees, addiction,  and more. We really got to know each other! Best first date ever. Turns out they live two streets over. We will hang out more as evidence by their trust and comfort in asking me to wake up their roommate whose phone has died. That cemented itt.

That night, I went to the Richmond Night Market with Meagan and are everything in site. Tons of fun and totally ridiculous and not really fun at all except when you make our fun. 

Next day, Sunday, i have class to prep for.... No wait, this was father's day at matchstick.  Gotta get back to the blog the next day. My memory ducks. Okay, so, went to matchstick, then to the park to learn lines. Alone. In the sun. Chilling. Enter Mike Savage. New Zealander. Invited me to play soccer b I declined, opting for a conversation after which id go do homework. Good guy. Exchanged digits. Will sport soon. I enjoy sportsing.

 After learning lines, I met with Meagan for car free day. Killer. A festival that celebrates nothing. Vancouver is so smart about this!! actively find the things you love. Celebrate them.

Meet my scene partner Emily Delaney at the park park for some scene work, then to Cascade, then to Nomad, then to the Acorn - which is amazing