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The Mackenzie Room - June 24th 2015

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I was at the space ALL day today. And loved being there. Having a project, a place to give a shit about, to give input, to be heard and respected, to belong to, has been such a gift. During this slow time in my industry, it's worth its weight in silverware. 

And silverware is heavy. 

We got that shipment today. 

We have a great team, a beautiful room, hard workers, passion, smarts, good looks, great intentions, and a fanatic time together. I hope it translates to the spot we want it to be. All we can do is work, daily, to achieve our modest goals. 

I've been in hospitality as a 'side' gig for years. I don't see it as a 'side' gig though. That's insulting. People often ask that, and assume it's the classic actor job. But it's not that for me. It's a full on passion. I love it. Most of the time. Because I have rules and if they get broken I'm out. There is a specific way in which I love the service industry. I'm not here to sling drinks and punch a clock. That's not my bag. And I'd rather the rules break and I leave with a clear head, a full heart, and my integrity, than that I break and breakdown and have to back out of this game that I love. I love it. Because it's not a job, or a side gig, or a back up. It's an extension of me as an artist. It's an art. It's art.

It's about the process, the technique, the connection. It's about the people. It's about framing an experience for someone and taking them on a transformative journey through food, drink, and hospitality. It's about changing their day for the better. It's creating something that wasn't, letting it be what it will, making yourself vulnerable by offering it up as a gift to others, allowing it to be what it will be to them and for them, and then letting it go.

And one day it exists only as a story, an experience, an idea, a shift in feeling, or thinking. A memory of a pure moment. 

It is art. 

And I'm stoked to be making this art with these artists.  


My favorite moment yesterday: deep in work mode, frustrated, a bit stressed, uncertainty all around... and Andrew turns to me and says, 'isn't it nice being a part of an opening where you can make decisions?'.

Yes. It is.