Antonio Cayonne | Actor

Wednesday June 4th 2015

Antonio CayonneComment

Small world. Today I served with Cassandra at Farmer's Apprentice. Good shift that got really busy at some point. Later on in the evening I found myself talking (as I do) with a great family about all sorts of stuff. The daughter has her hair in a bun - the kind only dancers wear. So I mentioned that it reminded me that my wife just went through her big week at the dance studio in Toronto. We talked more and when I mentioned that I was an actor, I found out that the husband was a producer. A few more degrees of separation and it turns out he was the producer of the tv show I just filmed for! Small World! 

That really made my day look up, that's for sure. I'll be sure to get in touch with him and let him know that I had a great time - which I did!

I'm sure Amy Schumur would tell me that it's surely a sign....