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Working out some notes

Antonio CayonneComment

Had the opportunity to work with Stuart Aiken - a local casting director who has since retired and works as a consultant among other things. He's wicked smart and insightful. So I figured, hey, I like learning. Here's my first pass at an audition before getting any notes or anything. Just the work I brought to the table. 

Stuart gave me a great set of notes on the day. I did a second take on the spot. It was alright. Lots to process. But the fun part was then taking it away and treating it like a call back. I took his notes and played with the character in a direction I wouldn't have necessarily have seen to go on my own. When I came back I did three takes. In my opinion, the first two were not so hot. They were okay, but something was missing. I think my first take above had some heart, something underneath, some stakes, but wasn't quite bang on. Here is my last take of the same scene.