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Mon + Tues June 29/30

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Catherine is in town!

We're heading to a wedding. A few coles notes. 

I had a HUGE audition for Arrow. I suspected that it was huge because it was actually on offer to a bigger name. I prepped the shit out of it. I was right. It was offered to someone else and I never went in for it. All in the game unfortunately. 

I got a callback and put on hold for a commercial! Sweet. Maybe I'll say more if I book it and am allowed. 

I had an audition for a small part in Minority Report and got to hand with Adil. That's always great. On that note, I'm supposed to shoot a short film with Adil!

The restaurant is well underway and getting ready to open. Things are getting real, and it's so exciting! I'm enjoying talking it up to people, figuring out the language around it, and simply creating a bit of buzz. 

Cath and I went to the BEACH and did NOTHING for long periods of time. Very Vancouver. 

I've documented many of our fun times on instagram.

My good friend Courtney just booked a killer gig!

Her husband Jacob had a big week so far too, in a different way~ 

This is a good week for the industry to be back in Vancouver.
I'm looking forward to Happy Thank You More Please.