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Sat/Sun June 27&28

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The weekend. 

Okay, full disclosure, I'm not making good blogging time daily. A good problem. But I do miss it. I found it a great place to leave insights, make discoveries, or just reflect. I'm not about to be really hard on myself here, but it's highlights a habit I'd like to re-enforce and a habit I'd like to work to break. 

Here they are. 

Blogging everyday is hard for me because I shy away from routine. The irony is that I like structure. I end up not making the time to blog and it's a lack of discipline more than anything else, however, writing each day offers a value that I love. So I'd like to re-enforce the habit of a daily practice. 

The one I'd like to break, is running from that which works. I've noticed that the more success I have around something (as defined by my own goals) the more I flee from it. I do it with everything from eating well and working out, to cultivate a good work ethic. It's fear based. If I don't try hard, and don't achieve my small goals, I have an excuse to not achieve the big ones. But that's some bullshit small ball. It's not in line with my true belief system. It's simply a product of my fear mechanism. It's my lizard brain. 

The break and build isn't some overnight fix. But I need to name it. And see it. And remember daily who I am and how I love to life. Love life.