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Putting in some Work - Monday July 13th 2015

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It's been slow for me lately. It's been slow for many of us. The only person I know who is going out for work is Jake. When I do go out these days, they are smaller parts - which I'm fine with. The one the other day didn't leave me feeling good, but I had a smaller part today that I loved. They were looking for an actor. I played it my way. They liked it. I likely didn't get it. Whatever though, I booked the room. They'll have me back. A bit of consistency will help me start clicking. 

Which is why I've been working out with Bruce in his Scene Study Class. He pointed something out to me yesterday that I want to let sink in and bring into the room. Intimacy. After watching me these past few weeks, and he's known me for a while, he threw out that bringing out the intimacy between me and my reader would really go a long way for me because I naturally play in intimacy. It's a place I can go, and get real. So instead of being 'far away' from readers, get in there with them, and force them to play in my world. It makes sense in the saying, and I think too it will in the doing. 

I thought I'd leave this scene up here. I had a very very fun time playing with Courtney on this, because she's crazy high level. Bruce had awesome notes for us to tinker with which made the second take even tighter. The video quality is bad, but I still think it's worth watching, which is nice. Gotta have victories. 

The one above will auto start on the first take. 
The one below will auto start on the second take.