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Cobbling A Week Together - Thursday July 23rd 2015

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My little laptop that I bought for my adventure is dying. I'm not particularly good with computers so this isn't surprising. My good friend Kal has always had my back. He knows computers in a way most humans couldn't dream of - he gets right inside their brain and makes them well. He's been doing that remotely with his new service Support Portal. I highly recommend it. My problem may actually be hardware, we're still diagnosing. 

All that is to say, I've been off the blog for a bit. Mostly because it frustrates the hell out of me and I just can't deal. It's not totally fixed yet, and I may not be at this daily until it is, but I thought, for my own sanity, I'd drop in and make an update. 

In the audition world, things are okay. The city has woken up. Things are happening. I'm not averaging a crazy high number a week like some people, but I'm getting in the room. I've had some good ones lately. I feel rusty in the room, and my sense of 'whatever I got this' is lower than usual. But I'm sure that'll go back up. The class work I've been doing has been grounding. Plus, I finally finished a new draft of my own script, and that feels great. AND I'll be doing some more writing with the rest of the TO contigent of VanDotCity. So that's cool 

The restaurant is alive and buzzing. A lot of great feedback and awesome guests coming in. Can't complain about it one bit. I'm tired and it's totally worth it. 

Through the resto I had the chance to re-connect with Leanne Viola from high school, and met her husband Jesse - who also went to my HS but who I don't remember. No matter. Amazing couple and so glad to have them here. They're great. Hung out with Leanne yesterday and totally lost track of time. Someone who makes sense is a rare and wonderful gift. 

Speaking of a rare and wonderful gift, another gem of a human being, Lana Saleh, sent me THIS!!!! HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE BEST THING EVAAARRRRRRR!!!!!

This week also saw me hang out with Janet Davidson, an awesome improver and actress, who was in town teaching improv for those with stage fright. I could use that. Not that I have stage fright per se, but there's always something to glean from those types of classes. 

Also met Alyson Walker - awesome actress from Perth. Can't wait to become friends. Helped EDubs with a self tape - killed it. Saw Kristy and worked a scene. Nice to have a community. 

Many more things I'm sure have happened of note, but this lil' machine is already becoming a jerk, so I'm done. For now. 

Love to you if you're reading this. Get at whatever you're getting at.