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Carribean Days - Sat July 25 2015

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Ate some food that made me feel human. That's a thing. Seriously. Sometimes heat will do that. If that's where your history is from. Sometimes smells. If you had that in yoyr home. Food does it for me  - reminds me of Dad, of Mom, of a time. Of a place.

Everyone has something that can get them connected. Half of me is from Trinidad. I'm not. But half of me is. And for whatever reason for its a way in. I order with an accent. Almost. K I don't..not out loud. But I get offended at the implication that I don't know my hot sauce, or my tamarind sauce, or my doubles. For the moment that I do the thing I'm more Trini than anything. 'Oh, how i love up me country.'

The food was okay. Seriously.


Miguel, if your reading this, we win by opening a Trini place thats cool out here. 

I went for the food. The vibe was ... well, I don't know. I think a lot about the days I spent planning Caribana (joking). Running around the houses of the team making decisions. Then seeing the big picture executed. And then I see this and I don't get it. But I think it's good for the people who show up. It teaches them that the Reef is Bullshit. 

Theses are ramblings. Where was I?

I ate food that made me feel human.  

That made me feel connected. To my dad. To my self. To a history. To a culture. My culture. Part of my culture. To what I am. Who I am. Who I should be. Music does that to me. Sometimes. Im listening to Nas right now at a bar. And I'm home.

For the moment.  

We all need to be transported. To a place. to a time. To a feeling. A reality. A truth. A realization. A resolution. Who knows what gets us there. Who are we to say what should. We go where we are called.

I ate roti. I will eat roti. I eat roti.

The phases of my life. 

Ma$e just came on. This blog is done.