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#KATOR2015 Wedding Day July 4th, 2015

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Kate and Trevor got married today and offically became Kator Whitbright. 

Their wedding was beautiful - totally pintrest worthy, as her sister said in her speech. The speeches were all fabulous, and the Bridesmen absolutely killed it. But of course, the most important thing, was the smile on Kate's face. She was beaming, all day, all night. Her and Trevor planned a brilliant day for us all to share in with them, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. 

Lots of fun dancing, laughter, and hangtimes. And of course, the party faithful went out afterwards to a place that we had no right going to at our age - and we're really not that old. Garf's in Whistler Village. What even happened?

Before the wedding, Cath and I went to breakfast with some new friends Tracey (Tre Tre) and Andy for ridiculously good french toast. That's them below at the photobooth. Our kinda people. Also, She's an amazing photographer and I stole all these pictures from her.

Then Cath and I experienced the awesomeness of Peak to Peak and the Peak Express. I could live up there. Minus all the other tourists. 

Here are photos.