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WHISTLER - Friday July 3rd 2015

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So, I've never been here. I've heard about it, read about it, seen pictures, but honestly didn't know what the hype was about. I'm not a ski, snow kinda person. I'm just not. I like to look at it, but doing things in it isn't my thing. But it's beautiful here. It lacks the sense of calm I expected, the way Banff had, and has replaced that with a sense of 'what do you want to do now'. Which is cool. 

The village is cute. Very manicured. Like being in a giant resort all the time. Once you get outside of it, there are a lot of cool things. Hikes, rides, etc. I'm just going to post some of the photos from the day, but much of it is also on my Instagram page.


We started the day by doing the Trainwreck Hike, which is amazing! A CP Rail train derailed in a forest next to a river. It was deemed too difficult or costly to remove them, so they decided to leave them there. Since then they have been transformed into these brilliant works of art. So basically you hike through a lovely forest, past the most amazing river, to an art installation. That's right up my alley, actually!

The rest of the day we were at Trevor and Kate's BBQ, where we met a whole bunch of new friends! Some truly great people. I won't blather about them in these posts, but instead I'll highlight them when we hang in VanDotCity. I was overwhelmed by how welcoming they all were. We all spent most of the night sportsing, and drinking. Also, two things it turns out I like a lot.