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Friend and Family Tuesday @TheMackenzieRoom - July 7th 2015

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A big day.
We opened...
To a delicate crowd of supporters.

But still,
we transitioned from building, buying, and planning, into cooking, serving, and executing.

And boy was it beautiful.

The food is a beast and leads the charge.
Chef Sean Reeve only has an A game. But I have a feeling it's an A game with more gears that most bikes. 

I mixed metaphors on that one. Whatever. 

The room is stunning. A bit hot right now, but that's to be expected. It's hot out and VanDotCity doesn't have AC anywhere. So, suck it up buttercup.

The service brings back together the dream team of one Katie and one Antonio, and it's oh so good. 

Veggies From The Garden - there's nothing better than that first bite of the first carrot that you grew in your OWN garden. It's so fresh, so satisfying, and a great way to start the meal. Chef Sean plays on that with this dish - local veggies in a cool bagna cauda of milk, anchovy, and almond, topped with crumbled rye. 

The Showstopper - that it is. Team, this is a 'salad' for all intents and purposes. But with Fresh cheese, a variety of deliciously seasoned legumes, edible flowers...I dare say this makes meat eaters salivate. It's aptly named. Try it and see. 

I can truly say, I love it. I know, I know, it's a day in, but seriously, having that much invested, that much belief, and that much passion all around you - it makes it worth it. If I love my joe job, it's not a joe job. Hospitality is an art, and today we were artists. 

Katie Jameson is 6 months pregnant with twins. And she served tonight. And she was brilliant. 

First customers!! 

The view from out front. I wanted to take a shot from across the street. It was beautiful. But some BOZO parked out front....#ownerproblems

I want more from my time here in Van, and this is one solid way to get it. Another is to get my game tighter, and I know exactly what that means, I just have to do it. The other is to book work, and that's coming, but it's not in my control right now. So this, this keeps me grounded and helps me stay hungry, sharp, and focused. And happy.
I got home tonight, tired, sweaty,
and satisfied for the first time in a long time. 

Went for fresh juice. Had to wait. I saw this deck. Love it. Flipped a card. Happy to read this. West Coast. Have you seen our mountains.