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Adjusting to the West - Sept. 14, 2015

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I'm blogging less these days. I'm living a bit more. But recording my days is important. The first 6 months away from the 6 it was really valuable to have to compile my thoughts, and take stock of my well-being in written form. It held me accountable - something good for us all to do. 

These days, I'm filling my time with the things that can help me get where I want to go. I'm feeling more grounded here. More focused here. Even more singular than when I arrived. I like things about B.C more. The city aspect of Vancouver is still relatively lost on me, but the people are showing up. Persistence in how I approach making friends has been key. I know it's hard for some people to get - I've gotten teased for my views on how the city is from those who can't see it - but it really is an adjustment. Not just being in a new place, but THIS place. Activities are daytime. People are tight knit with the same people they have been since kindergarten. The city is full of non-Vancouverites - a lot of people aren't actually from here. When people get here and they 'love it' I ask them what they love - they name the mountains and hikes and oceans and beaches all just an hour outside of the city. I love getting out of this city too Because just beyond the roads, and the seawall, and the poverty, and the suburbs, is endless Canadian Beauty in the form of hills and trees and nature and wildlife. A natural Energy center. It's easy to feel at peace, away from the city. I'm looking for piece within it. It shows up in starts and stops. 

Making the switch from visiting, to home (howsoever temporary) has been interesting. I've thought a lot about it. The Mackenzie Room has played an integral part in this shift. Specifically Andrew. The belief, the support, and the trust - not to mention the friendship - has been an invaluable part of settling in. And I love what we are doing there, and I love our goals. My cousin has been my bedrock. My roommate is a gem of a find. Jake and Court are always there for me. And I've slowly assembled a crew of quality humans who are all present in their daily lives. 

There's a career here. I can see it. For the first time, I can see what it might look like. And it isn't overwhelming, or mythical, or small. It's full of possibility. And it's mine for the taking. We thought that would be the case here, but we needed proof. I'm happy (and sad) to say, we were right. And this where we need to be, at least for now.